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The Small Business package is ideally suited for emerging brands or businesses looking to refine their marketing strategies. Offering 30 hours of dedicated service each month, it focuses on establishing a strong brand identity, basic digital marketing strategies, and essential content creation. This package is perfect for small businesses seeking professional marketing support, emphasizing cost-effectiveness and foundational marketing needs.

$ 7,500 Monthly
  • Up to 30 Agency Hours Per Month
  • Complete marketing team support
  • Access to a 6 person marketing team.
  • Comprehensive brand and marketing strategy
Service TypeDescription
Website Design & DevelopmentFrom responsive designs to custom web applications, including UI/UX and eCommerce development.
Logo DesignCreating custom, emotion-evoking logos aligned with your brand.
Creative Direction & Marketing ManagementPlanning comprehensive marketing strategies and executing multichannel campaigns.
Branding & Content CreationDeveloping brand identity and creating diverse content from AI-generated images to SEO.
Reporting & AnalyticsDetailed analysis of web traffic, social media performance, and SEO tracking.
Support & MaintenanceRegular updates, security monitoring, and technical support for digital assets.
Graphic DesignAll forms of graphic design from logos to social media graphics.
Email Marketing (Limited)Crafting brand-centric emails and newsletters.
SMS Marketing (Limited)Implementing text message campaigns and chat-bots.
Blog Content & Creation (Limited)Producing SEO-optimized blog content, articles, and industry insights.
Videography & Photography (Limited)Creating compelling video and photographic content for diverse needs.
Social Media Management (Limited)Managing and creating content for social media platforms.
PPC & Management (Limited)Running targeted PPC campaigns and continuous optimization.

Did You Know?

Hiring a single marketing manager for $60k-$80k annually could mean going solo, while investing in a vetted 6-person marketing team can bring you the power of collective creativity, a diverse skill set, and a synergy that can produce 360-degree marketing campaigns?



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