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How To Supercharge Salt7 Fort Lauderdale

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How To Supercharge Salt7 Fort Lauderdale
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Salt 7

Dear Mr. Santanelli,

I hope this message finds you well. As an Account Executive at Live In Color Agency, I am excited to share with you the initial steps we are proposing to rebrand Salt 7 Fort Lauderdale. Our goal is to enhance Salt 7’s online presence and overall brand engagement, making it more dynamic and appealing to your target audience.

Please consider this as a rough draft, outlining our preliminary approach from a creative, marketing, and design perspective to give the Salt 7 brand a fresh and engaging online facelift that drives revenue.

1. Header Menu

We will implement an expandable mega menu designed for easy navigation and rich user engagement. This will allow for dynamic content embedding, ensuring visitors can access the latest updates, featured items, and essential information directly from the header.

2. Dynamic Hero Slider

The homepage will feature a dynamic hero slider that continuously refreshes with new imagery. This will keep the website visually appealing and up-to-date, showcasing the latest events, special promotions, and highlights from Salt 7.

3. About & Hero Video

A deep dive disguised as a quick glimpse. This section will combine an engaging hero video with a concise introduction, providing visitors with a quick yet impactful glimpse into Salt 7’s facilities and atmosphere.

4. Service Periods

We will incorporate interactive thumbnails from Salt 7’s Instagram page, serving as engaging visual entry points for brunch, lunch, dinner, and happy hour. Clicking these thumbnails will open modal windows with detailed content, creating an immersive browsing experience.

5. Culinary Experts

This section will highlight the talent behind the cuisine with video call-to-actions featuring Salt 7’s chefs and mixologists. Regular updates will keep this content fresh and engaging, linking to relevant articles, stories, or menu items.

6. Events Catering

Prominent call-to-actions on the homepage will allow visitors to quickly book various event types. This section will streamline the catering booking process while offering additional products and value-added services.

7. Upcoming Events

We will create a dynamic section showcasing upcoming events, separated by tabs for easy navigation on desktop, mobile, and tablet. This ensures visitors are always informed about the latest happenings at Salt 7.

8. Patron Reviews

A dedicated section will highlight the best reviews from patrons, providing social proof and enhancing the credibility of Salt 7. Positive testimonials will reinforce the restaurant’s reputation for excellence.

9. Reservations

A user-friendly, self-hosted reservation form will mirror the structure and questions of OpenTable. This will keep guests on the Salt 7 website, eliminating third-party fees and allowing for upsell opportunities and cross-brand conversions.a

10. Salt 7 Articles

This section will feature real-time embedded articles, providing a dynamic representation of recent posts. Fresh and relevant content will always be visible to visitors, encouraging them to explore more about Salt 7.

11. Subscribe

A quick call-to-action at the bottom of the website will invite visitors to subscribe to the Salt 7 email newsletter. Subscribed patrons will receive a branded email with call-to-actions and be entered into a drip campaign, keeping them engaged and informed.

12. Social Media Integration

We will seamlessly integrate Salt 7’s social media channels to ensure that the latest posts and updates are readily accessible from the website, enhancing user engagement and driving traffic across platforms.

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