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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Client Background:

Funkin Beautiful is a fashion brand specializing in unique clothing and accessories. Their online store features a variety of products, from stylish graphic t-shirts to trendy tote bags and sweatshirts. With an emphasis on creativity and individuality, Funkin Beautiful offers a range of custom pieces that cater to fashion-forward individuals. The brand also maintains an active blog, sharing fashion tips and style inspiration.


Funkin Beautiful faced the challenge of enhancing their online presence and brand image to attract a wider audience. They wanted to effectively showcase their eclectic product range and unique style, reach a global customer base, and align their branding with their commitment to excellent customer service and inclusivity.


Website Design

Live In Color Agency partnered with Funkin Beautiful to revamp their online presence. We orchestrated a complete website redesign, implementing intuitive navigation and eye-catching visuals. Our expert team managed social media and email campaigns, crafting compelling content that resonated with the audience. A new, symbolically rich logo was designed to encapsulate Funkin Beautiful’s spirit.

Logo Design

The designed logo became a powerful symbol of creativity and inclusivity, leaving a lasting impression and reinforcing the brand’s commitment to individuality and style.


The website’s journey didn’t end with its launch. We employed innovative marketing strategies to create a buzz around Trunks By Patrick T Cooper. Our team of creatives used social media campaigns, influencer partnerships, and engaging content to immerse the audience in the world of wearable art. Fulfillment management was expertly handled by Live In Color Agency. From order processing to shipping, we ensured that each customer received their statement piece with the utmost care and attention.


Trunks By Patrick T Cooper’s partnership with Live In Color Agency proved to be a game-changer for the brand. The ecommerce website received a surge of traffic, and the swimwear collection quickly became a sensation in the fashion world. Our vibrant and mesmerizing designs, combined with the captivating marketing campaigns, garnered widespread attention. Trunks By Patrick T Cooper’s swimwear not only made a splash by the poolside but also became a favored choice for fashion-forward beachgoers worldwide.

Creative Marketing That Makes Impact


Investing in Growth: Tailoring Your Marketing Budget

Understanding the right investment level for your marketing efforts can be pivotal in setting the pace for your company’s growth and brand development. Below, we outline strategic budget allocations based on your annual revenue, helping you navigate through various stages of marketing investment.

5% of Revenue: Launching Your Vision

For companies with an eye on sustaining market presence while cautiously exploring growth opportunities, allocating 5% of your annual revenue to marketing is a prudent start. For example, a company with an annual revenue of $10 million would earmark $500,000 for its marketing initiatives. This investment is designed to maintain your market position and support gradual growth.

7% of Revenue: Accelerating Growth

Stepping up your marketing efforts to 7% of your revenue signifies a commitment to accelerating your company’s growth. With an annual budget of $700,000, this level of investment allows for more aggressive marketing strategies and the exploration of new channels to increase your market share and visibility.

10% of Revenue: Strategic Expansion

Companies ready to aggressively expand their reach and influence should consider allocating 10% of their revenue towards marketing. This strategic investment, translating to $1 million for a $10 million company, supports a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes a broad mix of advertising, promotions, and potentially, expanding into new markets or demographics.

12% of Revenue: Making a Major Impact

For those aiming to make a significant impact in their industry or needing a substantial marketing push, dedicating 12% of your revenue to marketing activities is advisable. With an annual budget of $1.2 million, this allocation is designed for an intensive marketing strategy that can include large-scale campaigns, high-profile partnerships, and innovative marketing technologies to capture market attention and drive substantial growth.

Choosing the right investment in marketing is crucial for achieving your business objectives and sustaining growth. It’s important to consider your company’s current position, growth targets, and the competitive landscape when determining your marketing budget. A strategic approach to marketing investment can provide a solid foundation for your company’s success and longevity.

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