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Client Highlight | CB-STRAT Bloomberg TV Feature

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


When it comes to marketing partnerships, Live In Color Agency stands out as a team of external consultants committed to delivering internal creative impact and expertise. In a world filled with disjointed creatives, we offer a comprehensive storytelling experience that weaves a compelling narrative for your brand. Today, we shine a spotlight on our collaboration with CB-STRAT and their feature on Bloomberg TV’s “World’s Greatest!…”

Our Seamless Integration

At Live In Color Agency, we understand the importance of seamlessly integrating our services with your existing framework. We believe in making adjustments as needed to ensure optimal integration, and our commitment to this process sets us apart.

Modifying Communication Channels

Our first step in working with CB-STRAT was to modify our communication channels. We wanted to ensure that every message conveyed the essence of CB-STRAT’s story, making it ready for the global stage.

Aligning Project Timelines

To ensure a smooth journey, we aligned our project timelines with CB-STRAT’s schedule. This meticulous planning allowed us to capture their story at its peak.

Collaborating with Bloomberg TV

One of our proudest moments was working hand in hand with Bloomberg TV to facilitate the capture of CB-STRAT’s story. It was an honor to be part of the process that would eventually lead to their feature on the prestigious show, “World’s Greatest!…”

A Quote from Les Lewis

Les Lewis, CEO of CB-STRAT, expressed her excitement about this recognition. He stated, “We are so thrilled to be recognized as a leader in our industry, providing services that have a great impact on communities while driving our world forward.” This quote encapsulates the spirit and vision of CB-STRAT, and we were honored to help convey it.

Branded Email Correspondence

Apart from collaborating on the TV feature, we also created a branded email correspondence strategy for CB-STRAT. This strategy encompassed both internal and external partners, ensuring a consistent and impactful message.

The Power of Branded Emails

Branded emails have a unique power to leave a lasting impression. They not only communicate professionalism but also serve as a tangible reminder of CB-STRAT’s commitment to excellence.


Q: How does Live In Color Agency integrate with its clients’ existing frameworks? A: We believe in seamless integration, making adjustments as needed to fit within our clients’ schedules and communication channels.

Q: What makes branded email correspondence impactful? A: Branded emails convey professionalism and leave a lasting impression, ensuring a consistent message for your brand.

Q: Why choose Live In Color Agency for marketing partnerships? A: We offer a comprehensive storytelling experience, weaving a compelling narrative for your brand that sets you apart.


In collaboration with CB-STRAT, Live In Color Agency has demonstrated its expertise in delivering creative impact and expertise. Our seamless integration, collaboration with Bloomberg TV, and the heartfelt words of Les Lewis, CEO of CB-STRAT, all contribute to a remarkable success story. At Live In Color Agency, we are dedicated to helping brands shine on a global stage, and our partnership with CB-STRAT is a testament to that commitment.

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