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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Client Background:

Altobeli’s Restaurant & Piano Bar is a hidden gem that transports its guests to the heart of Italy. With a casually elegant and cozy ambiance, this culinary haven offers an exquisite taste of Italy’s flavors accompanied by an extensive wine list, crafted cocktails, and delectable desserts. Beyond the exceptional cuisine, Altobeli’s charms its patrons with nightly live entertainment and a commitment to providing exceptional customer service. This warm and inviting establishment welcomes friends, families, and colleagues, making every dining experience memorable and enjoyable.



When Altobeli’s Restaurant & Piano Bar approached Live In Color Agency, they sought to enhance their brand’s online presence and showcase their unique offerings. They required a website design that captured the essence of Italy, combining elegance with a cozy atmosphere. Additionally, Altobeli’s desired professional photography, including food photography, to tantalize taste buds through captivating imagery. As a part of business acquisition support, they also required assistance with social media management and domain ownership.


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Live In Color Agency embraced the challenge of bringing Altobeli’s vision to life. To create a captivating online presence, we designed a website that exuded the charm of Italy, using warm colors, inviting imagery, and user-friendly navigation. The website became an enticing gateway, enticing visitors to savor the dining experience that awaited them at Altobeli’s.

Our team of skilled photographers undertook a mouthwatering food photography project, meticulously capturing the delectable dishes that Altobeli’s offered. The food photography became a visual feast, evoking a desire to taste the culinary delights in person. For business acquisition support, we adeptly managed social media accounts, ensuring a seamless transition during the transition period. We also facilitated domain ownership, providing a smooth and hassle-free experience for Altobeli’s during this critical phase.

Investing in Growth: Tailoring Your Marketing Budget

Understanding the right investment level for your marketing efforts can be pivotal in setting the pace for your company’s growth and brand development. Below, we outline strategic budget allocations based on your annual revenue, helping you navigate through various stages of marketing investment.

5% of Revenue: Launching Your Vision

For companies with an eye on sustaining market presence while cautiously exploring growth opportunities, allocating 5% of your annual revenue to marketing is a prudent start. For example, a company with an annual revenue of $10 million would earmark $500,000 for its marketing initiatives. This investment is designed to maintain your market position and support gradual growth.

7% of Revenue: Accelerating Growth

Stepping up your marketing efforts to 7% of your revenue signifies a commitment to accelerating your company’s growth. With an annual budget of $700,000, this level of investment allows for more aggressive marketing strategies and the exploration of new channels to increase your market share and visibility.

10% of Revenue: Strategic Expansion

Companies ready to aggressively expand their reach and influence should consider allocating 10% of their revenue towards marketing. This strategic investment, translating to $1 million for a $10 million company, supports a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes a broad mix of advertising, promotions, and potentially, expanding into new markets or demographics.

12% of Revenue: Making a Major Impact

For those aiming to make a significant impact in their industry or needing a substantial marketing push, dedicating 12% of your revenue to marketing activities is advisable. With an annual budget of $1.2 million, this allocation is designed for an intensive marketing strategy that can include large-scale campaigns, high-profile partnerships, and innovative marketing technologies to capture market attention and drive substantial growth.

Choosing the right investment in marketing is crucial for achieving your business objectives and sustaining growth. It’s important to consider your company’s current position, growth targets, and the competitive landscape when determining your marketing budget. A strategic approach to marketing investment can provide a solid foundation for your company’s success and longevity.


The website design execution was a work of art, skillfully blending elegance with coziness. The imagery and content conveyed the true essence of Altobeli’s Restaurant & Piano Bar, inviting patrons to indulge in a delightful journey through Italy’s flavors. Our food photography showcased the culinary masterpieces, capturing the essence of each dish in a tantalizing manner. The images whetted appetites and added an element of culinary artistry to Altobeli’s brand. The social media management and domain ownership support were handled with precision and expertise, ensuring a seamless transition during the business acquisition process.


Live In Color Agency’s collaboration with Altobeli’s resulted in a remarkable transformation of their brand’s online presence and customer engagement. The website design captured the hearts of visitors, enticing them to step into the world of Italy at Altobeli’s. The visually enticing food photography added allure to the dining experience, enticing patrons to savor the culinary delights. The seamless social media management and domain ownership support ensured a smooth transition during business acquisition, allowing Altobeli’s to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences to its guests.

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